Healthy Habits

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I am convinced that everyone, both in and outside of a business environment, can do and achieve more in their lives. But only as long as their health allows them to. Which is why I believe an element of health coaching also belongs in performance and leadership.

You can outsource much in life today, but you cannot outsource your health.

Having a healthy lifestyle means more than eating well, getting regular exercise and enough sleep. But do you even do that?

Whether you have weight loss goals, want to better manage your energy, or generally get fitter and healthier, this program can help.

Healthy habits with Deltago – nutritional and lifestyle coaching for energy and performance.

This is not a crash diet or dogmatic weight loss program, rather a framework to help you reconnect with nourishing your body in a way that supports better performance. And the skills you use to re-learn healthy habits with regards to eating, you can also apply to other areas of your life!

An optional exercise track provides a choice of 15, 12-month progressive workout schedules for every level, designed to accompany your nutritional program and delivered on the same platform.

Provided on the ProCoach platform from Precision Nutrition, as a participant you are supported through the 12-month program by Coach Andrew Bunting (Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach). Here’s what Precision Nutrition, and some of the clients who have used it, have to say about the programme:

Daily email reminders and a structured set of lessons workshop and reflection exercises help you to learn new habits in a proven system (10s of thousands of clients in the US). Your coach is there every step of the way to encourage and support you in individualising the program to your needs.

The online programme is targeted at anyone who wants to get better at nutrition and take responsibility for it themselves. Whether you have limited knowledge, or good knowledge but bad habits – we help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing. There’s a good deal of “life coaching” in the programme and a lot of opportunity to develop self-awareness, using nutrition as a theme, so also applicable to people with life issues that have resulted in poor self-care and are now ready willing and able to take control of their decisions.

For a closer look inside – get in touch!

It works well for athletes that haven’t paid attention to how nutrition can help them, but for those with good knowledge and practices looking to fill gaps or fine tune then 1:1 coaching may be more appropriate.

The time commitment starts at a mere 5 minutes per day and rises through the programme – you begin by learning to make time to pay attention, and build from there – much of what is taught you will already know, this program helps you do it.

Some clients find it slow to begin with, but it’s like warming up before a work out, learning to spell before you write a book, learning to do basic arithmetic before studying maths, learning chess moves before playing a game: deliberate practice leads to mastery. The slow start gives you the opportunity to learn how you can turn knowing into doing…

The 1-year programme at €100 at full price from Jan 1st 2018* with the exercise option a further €20*. Sign-ups in 2017 can take advantage of the special introductory offer of €50/month*.

If the full programme is paid for up front, then you pay for 10 months.

One-month rebate for every successful referral!

Ask about group options for companies (employee wellness program) or sports clubs.


*Excluding USt. Terms and Conditions apply.


Links to peer reviewed research on the Precision Nutrition methodology: