Business Workshops


Take your team where it needs to go. Ask me about bringing my 3 key workshops to your business.

Business Athlete.

Marginal gains across multiple facets of your team’s performance add up to make a huge impact in productivity. If the majority of your team is not fulfilling their potential, then neither is your team. How will a 10% productivity increase reflect on you as a leader?

The Business Athlete workshop is a half or full day introduction to a full BA programme, recommended for intact teams of 5 or more. It will make you think differently as a team, and quickly identify opportunities for the team to have 3 or 4 areas for improvement – as measured subjectively by yourselves – which we will turn into objective improvement plans.

An open workshop based on Business Athlete will be running in Munich in March.

More details here.

Change. Learn. Grow. Do. 

This workshop is about your team’s changes. Until you’ve led your team through change, your haven’t led them anywhere.

Is the whole team embracing and leveraging your environment?

How can you turn uncertainty into an advantage?

What change do you want to lead?

Break Out. Break Through.

Whether you call it brainstorming, team introspection or innovation workshop, this one will have you and your team energised and excited about what you are going to do next!

After an initial consultation to set the scene, I will moderate a workshop from between 2 hours and a full day. We will look at what is stopping you being where you want to be, and what is the most energising outcome for the team. These workshops will take on a life of their own, and leave you feeling unbeatable.



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