Achieve and perform sustainably. Be healthy.

I offer individual and team programmes to help you achieve more and be healthier.

I helpĀ lead you through change. Or use a changing environment to your advantage. Or drive change. And manage the stress that can come with change.

Whether you are an individual, a manager or responsible for your company’s people and organisational development I can help you chart a strategy to achieve your goals.

I offer 3 standard programmes, which are also the basis of the public workshops that I offer in Munich, but I endeavour to meet your individual requirements with the most appropriate tools for your specific situation.

“Business Athlete” is a fixed term engagement designed to prepare you to perform at the highest level.
“Change. Learn. Grow. Do.” is a goal-oriented partnership designed to get you to where you want to be.
“Break Out, Break Through” is a shorter term approach focussed on overcoming specific challenges.

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