Deltago is currently a one man operation, however I have a large networks of coaching colleagues globally and am happy to make referrals if I cannot help you directly. If you are a coach and you are interested in working together then let me know.

About me:

Andrew Bunting.VBC_AndrewBunting_05

I’m from Cornwall, so I have a British passport and English is my native tongue. However, I’ve lived in Munich Germany since 1993, so I consider myself European and German is my second language. I am quite happy to coach in German, and can offer any of my workshops and programmes in both languages.

I’m an electronics engineer through education, though I’ve never worked in design, my 17 year tenure with Intel kept me at the cutting edge of an exciting industry through the 90’s and 00’s. At Intel I learnt a lot about leadership and change, through both good and bad examples. And through my own development process. I spent most of that time in international marketing and operational roles, so have a good understanding of complex processes, effective teams and multicultural, results-oriented organisations, especially those with a US centric mother culture.

I’ve also had a spell as an entrepreneur, and have dealt with stress and recovery from personal illness, so if you are struggling to find someone who understands your situation, then try me!

VBC_AndrewBunting_03In the past I have been a competitive swimmer, but when I came to Germany turned to mountain biking and bike touring, which has taken me to the Himalayas, Andes, Rockies and Drakensberg mountains as well as the Alps. Today I stay active by biking everywhere, skiing when I can, and doing triathlon. Health is fundamental to sustainable performance and something that you cannot outsource, but its something that very few of us pay attention to until it’s at risk. If you want a high performance organisation, what can you do at an organisational level to ensure your employees are as healthy as possible?

I love to help people improve their overall well being by improving their fundamental healthy habits.

I have been coaching professionally since 2014 and a member of ICF since 2015, because this is the coaching organisation that sets global quality  and ethical standards. 2017-18 I jointly hosted the Munich sub-chapter of ICF Germany, and joined the board of ICF Germany in November 2018 where I am responsible for our cooperation partners.

My application for Associate Certified Coach is pending

I will update this Bio as time goes by… last update February 2019.