Deltago was founded by me, Andrew Bunting, in 2014 as a means to share my experience of 20 years in global marketing roles and of working with small and large tech companies around the world.

I have seen numerous companies succeed and numerous fail. I have seen companies do well at first then fail to grow and fade away. I have seen companies grow too fast, become too ambitious and fail to look after their core assets.

I have worked with successful individuals and managers. I have worked with good leaders. I learned about my own weaknesses as a leader. I have worked in strong teams and struggling teams. I have experienced highly motivated and motivating environments, and their opposite.

I have seen the working environment move from a time where not everyone was connected by email, to one where we are all connected in multiple ways. I have seen people and companies struggle with new ways of working, too much information, and inadequate leadership.

I have experienced, observed, participated in and at times been able to drive change.

This experience I will share with you if you choose to work with me.

Much of our success in life comes from knowing clearly what we want and not being distracted. Most of our challenges arise when we give up responsibility for our actions and decisions and allow ourselves to be led by others who have different goals.

The first step to leadership is self-leadership.

Come on a journey with me. Be your own role-model.